House Extensions & Driveways

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Everybody likes a bit of extra space so if you are looking for a house extension in East Sussex then we can help.

GWF prepare the groundworks to enable you to transform any part of your home into the space that you neeed.

From kitchen extensions, extra bathroom, extra bedroom and garages we will excavate, prepare the foundations and take care of all earth moving for you.

Whilst appearing simple groundworks can be complex. It very much depends on what surface is being dug into and what that ground is made up of. If its the garden then of course just grass and earth but if over a driveway it will mean breaking through concrete.

GWF Groundworks operates all the necessary machinery to complete this work swiftly and tidily, including areas with restricted access.

We also work with other approved contractors so we can help manage your build from start to finish. If you have plans for a house extension in East Sussex start with GWF.


Furthermore we also have huge experience in groundworks for all manner of driveways, something often done after a house extension. Usually because the new layout of the house plus drainage requirements mean a new driveway is required. Have a look at our driveway experience here.

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