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Drainage & Foundations in Crowhurst

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Drainage and Groundworks in East Sussex

Our featured project this month looks at drainage and groundworks in East Sussex, and a job that we have been working on in the village of Crowhurst.

Our customer, a local property developer, required GWF Groundworks to dig foundations for an extension to his own house, as well as implement drainage channels, before the rest of his extension build was carried out.

Why is drainage important?

Having drainage installed properly is vital when building a new home, or extending your current one, as if this is not completed correctly it can cause a whole variety of issues which can be difficult to remedy.

A poorly installed drainage system can result in structural damage, weakening of foundations, and problems with top-surface finishes, such as blockwork and tarmac, all of which can be very costly to put right.

The best way to ensure that your new drainage system is installed correctly, and to avoid these potential problems, is to hire professionals who are properly trained, and have the right equipment available to them.

The end result

Our drainage and groundworks in East Sussex project was completed in two days, and our customer was very pleased with the results.

In fact, he has already instructed us for some further projects, which are part of his property portfolio, and we will share these as soon as they are completed.

Our work is very varied, and we work for both residential and commercial customers, so every day is different, and we are happy to discuss your requirements with you, no matter how big or small they are.

We also hire out our machinery if you want to tackle groundwork by yourself, which can be a tempting option if you already have some experience, although it is important that we stress how vital it is that you only complete these types of projects yourself if you are confident in doing so.

However, if you decide that you would rather get the professionals in for your drainage and groundworks in East Sussex, please do contact us and we will be happy to give you some further information, or discuss your plans with you.