Temporary Access Roads

Temporary access road construction in East Sussex usually relates to large scale building sites. GWF Groundworks regularly provides services for developers and construction companies.

The type of road design depends on a number of factors from the load to be supported to the characteristics of the ground being worked with. When heavy machinery is being used the construction has to be stable. Quite often they are purely used as alternative traffic routes.

Whether your temporary access road has to be purely for construction vehicles or also to cater for pedestrians, cyclists and road traffic GWF Groundworks can deliver.

Many temporary access roads now shy away from using stone surfacing because its slow to install and expensive. A more common option are a variety of matted surface from high density plastics, plywood or even aluminium. These mats are hard wearing and interlock so they can be moved quickly and used repeatedly.

GWF Groundworks can construct the base for the all types of temporary access road surfacing. Because our groundworks are exemplary, it is simple for us to prepare for any surface as specified for the construction site.

We are also driveway groundworks contractor.

If you need temporary access road construction in East Sussex contact us.



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