Block & Beam Floor in House Extension

Another month and another project for GWF Groundworks, this time a block and beam floor for house extension.

GWF Groundworks can do both types of ground floor construction, solid floors of a reinforced wet concrete construction directly on to the ground but the other common method is block and beam and it's far more sustainable because it uses blocks with recycled materials with better thermal properties.

Know also as suspended floors the current block and beam floor for house extension we are currently working on is a good example of the type.

The Benefits of Block and Beam

There are many advantages to a block and beam solution, rigid construction, minimal shrinkage and the elimination of creaking floors that you get with timber.

Also the installation of these floors is very fast and also provides a safe working platform to continue inner works upon.

Our experience at GWF Groundworks will guarantee an excellent block and beam floor for house extension and of cours excellent groundworks too.

We would love to discuss your block and beam flooring needs with you, so please do contact us with your questions or requirements, and we will assist you in any way that we can.

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